Before You Go

Before You Go


Some cash machines (ATMs) may charge a withdrawal fee, in addition to any fee associated with your Card. Some cardholders advise that they saved the free phone number for the country(-ies) they were travelling to in their mobile to check their Cash Passport balance, which is a quick and easy to use service (please note: calls from mobile phones are not free of charge). Cardholder feedback also suggests that some hotels may charge for calls made to free phone numbers, it is wise to check with your hotel beforehand.

Please note: It is currently not possible to use your Cash Passport in a number of countries or geographical regions. If you attempt to withdraw cash from an ATM or use your Card at merchants in any of these countries or geographocal regions, your request will be declined.

The countries and geographical regions currently affected by the sanctions are:

Albania, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Burma (Myanmar), Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo), Côte D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Crimea, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Kosovo, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Macedonia, Montenegro, North Korea, Pakistan, São Tomé Príncipe, Serbia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Turkey, Vietnam, Yemen, Zimbabwe.


When checking into a hotel, you may be asked to provide a payment card, from which the hotel will ‘hold’ an amount as an estimate of your final bill - these funds may not be available for you to access or spend for up to seven days. It is therefore suggested you do not use your Cash Passport for this purpose. You can of course use your Cash Passport to settle your bill when checking out (the same advice applies when you hire a car). When purchasing fuel, make sure you pay the cashier instead of using the ‘pay at pump’ option, to avoid a set amount (greater than your purchase amount) being ‘held’ until the final transaction settles. (This principle applies to all payment cards; it is just more noticeable when using a prepaid card).


If you lose your Cash Passport or it is stolen, please call the Card Services team as soon as possible, so they can block your Cash Passport and arrange for emergency cash (up to the available balance on your Card), to keep your holiday on track.

For more specific information on the country you are visiting please use the drop down list below.

All figures are indicative, actual costs may vary.

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