Corporate Cash Passport Solutions


We have developed  several versions of the Corporate Cash Passport for different specialised applications.

Business Expenses

Corporate Cash Passport is a prepaid business expenses card that can be used at millions of ATMs and retailers around the world to withdraw local currency or purchase goods and services.

It enables companies to monitor and manage their business travel expenses more efficiently by centralising all expenditure. No more travellers cheques, messy cash deliveries or budgetary control issues. It is a great alternative to a corporate credit card.


Provide customers or employee's with a Corporate Cash Passport and eliminate the need to issue timely paper cheques or arrange bank transfers, delaying the customer’s or employees access to funds.The payout card is a great solution for paying staff, suppliers commission or incentives.

Per Diem

For airlines, the Corporate Cash Passport provides a more cost effective and streamlined payment process with audit trails and a centrally automated loading platform. Your business and crew could benefit in many ways.


When you need to issue payments to staff or customers quickly and with limited time, a centrally managed system will allow you load pre-issued Cards at the touch of a button.