Per Diem Expenses the easy way

Corporate Cash Passport has developed several different solutions for the airline industry. To manage the allocation of Per Diem crew expenses, Virgin Atlantic Airways have Crew Cash Passport cards that can be used for their crew’s business travelling expenses. As the crew board the plane, their allowance for the trip is loaded centrally.


Taking the pain out of compensation

British Airways is one of the world’s largest international airlines. Carrying around 36 million passengers between 600 destinations each year, it prides itself on the quality and efficiency of its customer service.


Even in the best managed airlines, there are always occasions when passengers need compensating (for example, when flights are delayed or cancelled, or luggage is lost or damaged). To provide the best possible service in these often difficult circumstances, British Airways has always offered immediate compensation. Previously, cash or vouchers were used but these took a lot of time to process, were difficult to manage and vulnerable to theft and fraud. For cash disbursements at airports, compliance with EU legislation is required, so finding an improved solution was paramount.


British Airways have an innovative prepaid card programme from Corporate Cash Passport– they are now able to offer a worldwide compensation card to immediately recompense passengers for lost or damaged luggage, or for downgraded or cancelled travel.