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Our Corporate products are helping many companies around the world to increase control and reduce the cost of their foreign exchange transactions.



“We have been using the Corporate Cash Passport for over eighteen months now for our tour leaders and are really pleased with how they have worked for us.

Despite initial concerns about coverage across Latin America our tour leaders are able to use them easily to withdraw money and pay for services. The use of Cash Passport for expenses has ensured that we are able to protect our exchange rate as well as our margin, and have given us greater control of our overall expenditure. We are also able to closely monitor how and when the cards are used and our tour leaders love using them as  they can register online and view their own card activity."

Bo Lennartson, Financial Controller at Journey Latin America

Trafalgar Tours

“The Corporate Cash Passport has enabled us to improve the management and administration of our overseas staff expenses and per diem allowances. Flexible and immediate loading has proved invaluable when the unexpected happens and our staff appreciate the added security it provides."

Annette Barnes-Smith, Trafalgar Tours

ITL Transport

"As a transport company with drivers travelling too and from Europe all the time and very rarely coming back to the depot during normal office hours - we really can not stress enough how much improved our cash and expenses control has been since the introduction of Travelex Cash Passport Cards.

Previously we would have drivers running around with large amounts of company cash on them and it was often months before their receipts would turn up at the office to cover that cash.  Inevitably receipts would get mislaid, company cash and private cash would get mixed up and if a driver had an breakdown they would run short of cash, which would delay getting them up and running again, thereby delaying delivery times and even missing ferry crossings.

Since the introduction of Corporate Cash Passport Cards those issues are all a thing of the past.  The Travelex site, makes it very easy to get cash to a driver at any location and at anytime and any day of the week.  The reports on the site also enable you track the expenditure and even print receipts for any items where the receipts have been mislaid.

The telephone support team are also amazing, if we have needed to get cash to a driver when we are away from our office, they are always extremely helpful and efficient. Nothing is ever is  a problem, even on a Sunday or Bank Holiday - the support is always available"

Jill Perkins, ITL Transport