Using Your Card

Using Your Card


Cash Passport is a convenient way of managing your money while travelling abroad. Combining the security of travellers cheques with the convenience of plastic, you can securely and easily pre-load your Cash Passport with your travel budget, for use in millions of ATMs, shops and restaurants worldwide.

Load and reload your Card at any participating Travelex branch in Italy – it’s so flexible, you could even use it as a way of saving for your holiday giving you complete control over your budget.

Using Cash Passport to make ATM withdrawals

Just like a debit card, you can use your Cash Passport at ATMs worldwide displaying the MasterCard Acceptance Mark. Simply enter your PIN and how much you want to withdraw (up to the available balance on your Card). After that, all you have to worry about is what to spend the money on.

Customer feedback suggests that some countries may impose their own daily or weekly ATM withdrawal limits, which override higher limits on payment cards, including your Cash Passport. Please refer to the ‘Before You Go’ section on this website, for country specific details.


You can also use the chip and PIN protected Cash Passport to pay for goods or services (up to the available balance on your Card) at merchants worldwide. Just enter your PIN or sign the receipt as usual.


Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is an optional service that is sometimes offered by retailers and ATM operators, giving cardholders the choice of paying in either the currency of the country they are visiting or their own domestic currency, i.e. Euros. If you use your Card in a country where the local currency is the same as the currency on your Cash Passport (e.g. using a US Dollar Cash Passport in the USA) and you opt to pay in Euros, this may result in a foreign exchange conversion at additional cost to you. To avoid this risk, choose to pay in the currency of your Cash Passport.

Other benefits include:

  • Card security (benefit of not being linked to a bank account)
  • Ability to budget prior to travelling
  • Access to worldwide ATM withdrawals
  • Chip and PIN protected
  • 24/7 Global Emergency Assistance
  • Second Card to access the same funds
  • Competitive exchange rates

For more information on where you can purchase your Cash Passport, click here