Reload in Branch

Even with a zero balance, your Cash Passport is still valid (until the expiry date on the Card). You can reload your Cash Passport by visiting the Travelex Italy branch  where you purchased it from, taking your Cash Passport and valid ID with you.

Your Cash Passport is valid for up to five years (see the expiry date on the Card) and reloadable as many times as you want – within the limits and restrictions of your Card (see your User Guide for details).

Commissions for reloading your Cash Passport in branch may vary per Purchase Location.

If you purchased your Cash Passport outside Italy, please visit your local Cash Passport website for information on how to reload it. See for Cash Passport websites for other countries.

Reload Online

If your bank offers you internet and/or mobile and/or telephone banking facilities, then your Cash Passport could be reloaded by those banking channels. Please check with your bank.

Payments will only be accepted from bank accounts in the name of the primary cardholder.

Reloading Cash Passport via internet, telephone or mobile banking is available to cardholders who have bought their card in Italy. NOTE: Individual banks may charge a transfer fee for this service. Please check with your Bank first to see if you will be charged before you reload by banking transfer and any service limitations that may apply.

Once you have checked with your bank and you are happy to reload then this is what you need do:

  1. Ensure you have registered your email address with us in the secure 'My Account' area of our website.
  2. Then you can either phone your bank or log onto your bank’s website and create a new payee to make a payment. If you are unsure of the process your bank will be able to advise you how to process a transfer. In order to ensure the funds can be applied to your card account, you must set up the payee as follows, including the Reference (your card number):


Please note that as of 12 January 2016, the beneficiary/payee and bank account details for e-banking reloads will change to:

Bank Details Beneficiary/Payee: MasterCard Prepaid

Swift ID: BOFAGB22 

Account Number: 70950029

IBAN/BSB: GB60 BOFA 1650 5070 9500 29

Branch Code: 6008

Reference: Your 16 digit Cash Passport card number on the front of your card

Amount: Please ensure the amount you load on your card is within your allowed card limit.

Please ensure that any payment instructions are amended accordingly, otherwise your fund transfer will be rejected.

It may take up to 5 working days for your funds to be transferred by your bank, however, be assured that we will load the funds onto your Cash Passport within 24 hours of receipt, provided the funds are received from the primary cardholder’s bank account and the reference is provided. We will send you confirmation, either via email or post, that your reload has been successful. The confirmation email and attached receipt will be in English

Note: We will convert your Euro or other currency payment amount into your chosen currency of your Cash Passport Card, before applying it to your card account. You will find the rate we used on your reload confirmation. If you make your reload payment in Euros and your chosen currency on your card is Euros then a 4.9% of the amount reloaded will be charged to your account. No reload fee will be applied to a GBP or USD Cash Passport Card.

Please note that the Cash Passport rate used for banking transfer reloads may differ from the rate displayed online or within branches.