24/7 Global Assistance

24/7 Global Assistance


If you lose your Cash Passport or it is stolen, reporting this to Card Services immediately will help protect the funds on the Card.

Cash Passport's dedicated Card Services team is on hand to help, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your Cash Passport goes missing, call Card Services straightaway and they’ll cancel it, giving complete protection of your funds (subject to full compliance with the Terms and Conditions). The Card Services team can then make appropriate arrangements to minimise the impact on your trip, including emergency cash replacement up to the available balance of your Card (subject to availability).

Country you are calling from Card Services Telephone Number
Italy 800 789 900††
Other Countries +44 (0)20 3284 8395†††

The emergency cash service may not be available in every country – depending on the availability of the money transfer network.
†† There may be a charge for calls to this number, if phoning from a hotel or mobile phone.
††† Please remember to add the international prefix of the country you are in at the beginning of this number (in most cases this is 00, for example 0044 (0)20 3284 8395). Calls to this number are not free of charge.

In addition, if you notice any transactions on your Cash Passport that are incorrect or that you don’t recognise, or if you believe your PIN or any other security information may have been compromised, please call Card Services immediately.


Please be aware that you must still call Card Services immediately, so that they can block the lost or stolen Card.

Card Services can arrange a free replacement Card, and if necessary start the procedure for disputing unauthorised transactions. In an emergency situation, they may arrange for funds up to the available balance on your Card to be sent to you, via a global money transfer network, free of charge and usually available within 2 hours, but up to 24 hours in more remote locations (subject to availability).

If you have any general enquiries, or want to pass on any comments about using your Card, please get in touch at cardservices_prepaid@mastercard.com or via fax +44 (0) 208 610 4819.