Disputed Transactions

If you have a query about a transaction on your Cash Passport, please call the 24 hour Card Services team immediately (and in any event within 13 months of the transaction debit date), on one of the numbers listed below. They will be happy to check your Cash Passport and confirm the transaction details for you.

Country you are calling from Card Services Telephone Number
Italy 800 789 900††
Other Countries +44 (0)20 3284 8395†††
†† There may be a charge for calls to this number, if phoning from a hotel or mobile phone.
††† Please remember to add the international prefix of the country you are in at the beginning of this number (in most cases this is 00, for example 0044 (0)20 3284 8395). Calls to this number are not free of charge.


If there is a transaction which is not correct, Card Services can dispute this on your behalf, and may request that you provide additional written information concerning any unrecognised transaction, or to complete the dispute form (see your terms and conditions for further information) and send it to prepaidmgmt_ppc_disputes@mastercard.com You will need the latest version of the free Adobe Acrobat reader to view this form. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer, please click here to download it.

Please help us to assist you by providing as much information as you can.

You can also log on to ‘My Account’ if you wish to:

  • check your balance
  • view your transaction history
  • edit your personal details

For a PIN reminder, to check your balance, or any questions about your Cash Passport, you can call Card Services at any time.

In the interest of security, the following subjects cannot be discussed by email or fax. Please call the 24 hour Card Services team, who will be able to assist you in relation to the following:

  • Lost or stolen Cards
  • Queries regarding transactions on your Cash Passport or balance enquiries
  • PIN assistance
  • Guidance setting up your Cash Passport online
  • Help with forgotten username and/or passwords
  • Card activations