Reload your Cash Passport

Reload your Card

Reloading your Cash Passport Globe

Reload your Globe Cash Passport online

You can use a UK issued Visa and MasterCard credit or debit card, to top up your Cash Passport Globe by followig the link below.

Click here to reload your Globe Cash Passport online

Please note that online reloads will take up to 1 working day to be credited to your Cash Passport account and can only be processed and accepted if the name and UK registered address of the payment cardholder matches the name and address of the primary Cash Passport cardholder.

Call Card Services to add funds to your Cash Passport Globe

You can reload your Cash Passport Globe by telephone.

*MasterCard Cash Passport Globe bought before 19th November 2012 *MasterCard Cash Passport Globe bought after 19th November 2012
+44 203 684 6495 +44 203 684 6495

You can transfer funds directly from your UK debit or credit card. Payments will only be accepted from the primary Cash Passport Globe cardholder (who has a UK address).

Transfer money via bank transfer with internet or telephone banking

The most efficient way to reload your card will usually be a bank transfer. If you have internet banking or telephone banking facilities,
Cash Passport Globe can be reloaded easily by phoning your bank or over the internet.

Please note that as of 12 January 2016, the beneficiary/payee for e-banking reloads will change from ‘Access Prepaid Worldwide Ltd’ to ‘MasterCard Prepaid’. Please ensure that any payment instructions are amended accordingly, otherwise your fund transfer may be rejected. The bank account number and sort code remain unchanged.

This is what you do: 

·        Check the list of banks from which we can successfully process payments.

·        Before logging on or contacting your bank to reload, please ensure you have registered your email address with us in the secure 'My Account' area of our website.

·        Then you can either phone your bank or log onto your bank’s website and create a new payee to make a payment to the following:

                Bank Details Beneficiary: MasterCard Prepaid 
                Bank: Barclays 
                Sort Code: 20-32-53 
                Account Number: 63807568 
                Reference: Your 16 digit Cash Passport card number
                (on the front of your card) 
                Amount: Subject to your card's load limits.

If given the option, request that the funds leave your account immediately to avoid any delays. It may take up to 5 working days for your funds to be transferred by your bank, however be assured that we will load the funds onto your Cash Passport Globe within 24 hours from when we receive them.